Bedford Hospital restricts visiting times due to coronavirus

Visitors must adhere to strict new policy

Wednesday, 18th March 2020, 1:19 pm
Updated Wednesday, 18th March 2020, 1:21 pm

Bedford Hospital is urging the public that visitors must be immediate family members or carers.

The allocated time is from 6pm to 7pm with a limit of one visitor per patient per day.

This follows on from the news at the beginning of the week that the hospital is treating the first patient in the town with the coronavirusThey should also be limited to one per patient unless the patient is receiving end-of-life care or the visitor needs to be accompanied or they are a birthing partner accompanying a woman in labour.

Bedford Hospital

No children under 12 should be visiting without the ward sister or charge nurse’s prior permission and no-one should visit if they are feeling unwell.

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