Bedford Borough offers support to residents with council tax support during coronavirus lockdown

If you think your circumstances have changed, get in touch

By Clare Turner
Monday, 30th March 2020, 10:51 am
Updated Monday, 30th March 2020, 10:57 am

Bedford Borough Council is working to offer residents who are struggling during the pandemic help with their council tax.

The council already has a 100 per cent Council Tax Reduction Scheme in place; this means those with the lowest incomes already don't pay any council tax.

However, following the Government’s announcement of a COVID-19 Council Tax Hardship Fund, the council is extending this. This means that anyone who receives any level of council tax support will now receive a bigger reduction off their bill and in some cases, won’t have to pay any it at all.

If your circumstances have changed, you may be eligible for council tax support

This discount will be automatically applied to your council tax bill if you are eligible, and you will receive an updated bill from the council.

If your circumstances have changed and you think you will be eligible for council tax support fill in an online form here

Mayor Dave Hodgson said: “We know that some people are facing financial difficulties because of coronavirus. We are working to ensure that those who need it the most, will receive help and support. I am proud that we have continued over many years to ensure that those most in need do not pay any council tax at all, and now additional funding is allowing us to increase support further to those that are struggling.

“We always work to make sure that individuals are getting all the support they are entitled to with their council tax, and would always encourage anyone in financial difficulty to get in touch with us sooner rather than later. Don’t just ignore it - there is help available.”

A council spokesman said, however, at this crucial time it’s important those who can pay continue to do so as normal, as "council services are under huge pressure, working to deliver care for the vulnerable and elderly, and keeping vital day-to-day operations running".