Bedford people turn to Dr Google in an emergency more than most of the country

But what are our main searches?

By Clare Turner
Friday, 19th February 2021, 4:15 pm

A new study into the all time top 100 search terms relating to 'how to treat' reveals Bedford as one of the places where people are most likely to turn to Dr Google.

The data from Skills Training Groupshows people in the town are searching phrases which include 'how to treat' more on average each month than most of the UK.

Out of the cities and towns assessed in the research, Bedford ranked as one of the areas where the most people are turning to Dr Google to remedy their problems - with 95.4 monthly searches per 10,000 people based on data from a group of 100 search terms.

Do you regularly use Dr Google?


Well, the top five most searched terms in the group included:

How to treat a burn

How to treat sunburn

How to treat a wasp sting

How to treat blisters

How to treat a mouth ulcer

The research indicates the people of Bedford could be the most prone to having an accident or hurting themselves, while also being reluctant to consult professional help.

Commenting on the research, Mark McShane, director at first aid course provider, Skills Training Group said: “We wanted to conduct this research to see how popular it was for people to search for solutions to their ailments than to just go and get them assessed by a professional.

"We share a lot with Google, our phones and computers and it seems turning to Dr Google is popular with the UK with a real range of searches throughout the 100 terms."

Lancaster ranked in at the top spot with 214.2 average monthly searches per 10,000 people, while Bedford rankled seventh.