Year 6 Bedford students given free bus travel vouchers

It’s hoped the scheme will encourage more to hop on the bus

By Clare Turner
Monday, 13th June 2022, 6:45 pm

Stagecoach East has launched a new ‘Try a Bus’ initiative to encourage Year 6 students in the Cygnet area of Bedford to use the bus as part of their journey to school.

Students get to present the voucher to the bus driver – which can be exchanged for a one or two Cygnet day pass for free travel, either travelling alone or with a parent, carer or friend, on the route to their future secondary school in Bedford.

It’s hoped the scheme – a joint partnership between Stagecoach East, Grant Palmer, Uno and Bedford Borough Council – will encourage more students to use the bus to travel to their new secondary school during term time by trying it out for free first.

The mayor meeting pupils as part of the 'Try a Bus' promotion

The ‘Try a Bus’ scheme runs until September 30 this year.

Workshops have already taken place at Shortstown Primary School and Goldington Green Academy and are planned to take place at schools including Sheerhatch Primary School, Wixams Tree Primary School, Westfield School, Bedford Road Primary School , Wilstead Primary School, Cotton End Forest School, Great Denham Primary School, Oakley Primary Academy, Putnoe Primary School, Scott Primary School, Balliol Primary School, Springfield Primary School, Great Ouse Primary Academy, St James’ C of EVA Primary School, Bromham Primary School and Camestone School.

Darren Roe, managing director at Stagecoach East, said: “It’s important children feel capable of using public transport as they mature and progress into secondary education.”

Mayor Dave Hodgson said “Public transport is a great way for us all to reduce our emissions, and reduce the level of traffic on our roads.”