What is being proposed at Cauldwell, Shackleton, and Shortstown primary schools?

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Plans to make radical changes to four of Bedford’s primary schools have been branded a “betrayal” by parents – but what exactly is being proposed?

In this news feature we give the full story on the plans to impose changes across the HEART Academies Trust.

> What is being proposed?

The most obvious first question – and one which nobody knows the exact answer to.

The headlines change is that all three headteachers at Cauldwell, Shackleton and Shortstown primary schools are being made redundant.

Also going are three deputy headteachers and seven assistant headteachers.

However, this is described as ‘Phase One’ of the changes.

> Who – or what – would 
replace these staff?

The new set-up would feature one ‘executive headteacher’ for the three schools, plus three ‘heads of school’.

Staff are understood to see this new structure as impractical.

> What has been the reaction of parents?

Those who have contacted the T&C have been unanimous in their opposition.

Hundreds were also expected to attend a meeting of Bedford Borough Council last night.

> Have parents been consulted?


A spokesman for the HEART Academies Trust said: “Legally this period of consultation is between those members of staff whose roles are directly affected by the proposed restructure and their employer.

“This is why parents/carers have not been informed of details at this stage.”

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