What comes next at Cauldwell, Shackleton, and Shortstown primary schools?

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Plans to make radical changes to four of Bedford’s primary schools have been branded a “betrayal” by parents – but what exactly is being proposed?

In this news feature we give the full story on the plans to impose changes across the HEART Academies Trust.

> Would the schools be able to quit the HEART Academies Trust?

Governors at Shortstown and Cauldwell want to do so. In theory this could be done. Realistically it would be difficult.

The trust is unlikely to let them leave without a struggle, and the schools would need the permission of the Department for Education.

In the current political environment it is unlikely the government would back parents and governors in such a move.

> What happens next with advertising for the new ‘executive headteacher’?

Although the consultation is still taking place the closing date for applying for the new role in Monday. Provisional interviews take place October 18-19.

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