Sharnbrook Upper School repeats exam success with top GCSE grades above national average

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Students at high-performing Sharnbrook Upper School in Bedfordshire are today celebrating achieving outstanding GCSEs – beating the 2016 results despite this being the first year of the new tougher exams.

Overall more than three-quarters of students (78%) achieved a Grade 4 or better in English and maths, with a 4 the new grade set by the Government as a pass. This is up on the equivalent proportion last year, when the old Grade C was still in place. It is also well above this year’s national average of 66%.

Some 87% achieved at least a 4 in English (well above the national average of 72%), and 75% achieved at least a 5, or “strong pass”, in the subject. In maths, it was 82% (again, well above the national average of 69%) and 55% respectively.

The grades of Sharnbrook Upper’s students across eight key subjects also rose from 2016, with the Academy’s “Attainment 8” score this year 54 compared to last year’s 52.

This is the last year of GCSEs at the school before it becomes Sharnbrook Academy, a secondary academy and sixth form for students aged 11 to 18, at the start of next term.

Among the fantastic individual success stories:

Catherine Upex – two Grade 9s, one Grade 8, nine A*s, and one A

Jessica Crabb - one Grade 9, one Grade 8, one Grade 6, eight A*s and one B

Richard Webb – one Grade 9, one Grade 8, one Grade 7, eight A*s, and two As

Kitty Towler – one Grade 9, one Grade 7, one Grade 6, seven A*s, and four As

Jasmine Green – three Grade 7s, six A*s, three As

Keiran Peyton – one Grade 8, one Grade 7, one Grade 6, six A*s, two As, and one B

Leah Banghard – one Grade 9, one Grade 8, one Grade 7, five A*s, and four As

Aaron Bechtle – one Grade 9, one Grade 8, one Grade 6, five A*s, and five As

Kitty Hannan – one Grade 9, two Grade 8s, five A*s, and five As

Peter Rattu, Academy Principal of Sharnbrook Upper School, said:

“This is the first year of the new GCSEs, with English and maths both noticeably tougher. But our students and staff have responded brilliantly, as shown by today’s results. To beat last year’s results in the headline measure is a fantastic achievement given the changes brought in last year. The outstanding grades our students have received today are a testament to their hard work, talent and dedication, and our students have fully deserved them.

“As a school we have always focused on the achievement of every student, and today’s results bear out that commitment.

“Most of our students will now move into our sixth form, which achieved record A level results last week – we wish them and all our students are moving into the next stage of their lives, continuing success.”