Music industry insiders share their knowledge with Bedford College students

From studio sessions to learning about merchandise, Bedford College students learnt about both the music and the business aspects of the music biz last week.

Monday, 21st October 2019, 1:20 pm
Resonance squad with BedfordCollege staff

A range of professionals shared their insights and experience with youngsters, at events which coincided with Love Our Colleges week.

Representatives from Resonance, Vochlea and Education & Bass visited students to demonstrate the various aspects of performance and studio work, including the latest in technology techniques.

Resonance-edu-org was fronted by David Barnard who has close connections with musical education in Bedfordshire. The 'scratch' band that joined him were all professionals who make their living today in session work.

He told students: “This is a £5billion business for the UK, with roughly half of that coming from global sales. But most of the people in it are self-employed.

"In fact making money in the music business is now as much about merchandising, or selling T-shirts, as it is about selling singles or albums. Individuals can be clever using technology to promote their products. One songwriter who has a million followers on YouTube releases a song at a time to generate sales. Another is a band based in Bristol which is huge in Taiwan via the internet."