Is money behind the changes being proposed at Cauldwell, Shackleton, and Shortstown primary schools?

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Plans to make radical changes to four of Bedford’s primary schools have been branded a “betrayal” by parents – but what exactly is being proposed?

In this news feature we give the full story on the plans to impose changes across the HEART Academies Trust.

> Is money at the heart of this?

While governors have been told that the changes would allow “further cost efficiencies and savings”, HEART also promises “greater consistency of educational approach”.

It is not made clear how employing a secondary school headteacher to oversee three primary schools would achieve this.

However, HEART has been accused by insiders of frittering money away on other projects.

This includes a £30,000 salary for a ‘promotions manager’ to do PR work, and employing ‘learning trust consultants’ who are said to be paid more than the headteachers at a time when teaching assistant posts are being cut.

Ultimately the trust’s aim of improving educational standards will only be proved if the changes do take place – and even then, not for several years.

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