Inspectors praise Bedford nursery for encouraging children's independence

Ofsted gave it a 'good' rating across the board

Inspectors have applauded a day nursery for the independence of its children in a glowing report.

Tiddlywinks Day Nursery, in Kempston, was visited last month for the first time in over five years and was given a 'good' rating across the board - education, behaviour, personal development, leadership and overall effectiveness.

The report said: "Children are independent throughout the day. At mealtimes, children hand out the dinners to their peers.

Tiddlywinks Day Nursery was given a 'good' rating across the board (File pic)

"Children talk about whether they need ro wear their hats and gloves because it is so cold. This allows them to make decisions about their own needs."

The staff were praised for introducing yoga sessions and for promoting the children's wellbeing as well as developing good speaking and listening skills.

Inspectors also found parents were very happy with the nursery and found all staff very approachable.

The Ofsted report made special mention of the fact "there are chances for children to take risks".

It said: "This includes balancing on beams and logs in the garden. While out on walks in the local area, children climb trees and explore the woodlands. Staff are always close by to support those children who need it."

The Church End nursery caters for 64 children aged two to four.