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Putting the needs of pupils first is at the heart of the Overstone Park School ethos, as its Principal Mrs Marion Brown explains.

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Friday, 8th October 2021, 4:38 pm
Principal Mrs Marion Brown and school Director Mr Corville Brown.
Principal Mrs Marion Brown and school Director Mr Corville Brown.

Driven by a desire to create an inclusive school where the gifts and talents of all pupils are realised, three pupils launched Overstone Park School on 4th September 1983. Now 39 years later, the school continues to develop from strength to strength.

We have moved on with the times in the development of our premises and resources, and our curriculum continues to become more and more innovative to meet the needs of the 21st century.

However, we have remained a small, caring family community which strives not just for academic excellence but also for the happiness and wellbeing of every child that walks through our doors.

At Overstone Park School, we embrace a Christian ethos and respect all religions and cultures. Our pupils are encouraged to embrace diversity and to be caring and helpful to all members of the school and home communities.

We encourage good manners, good conduct, good etiquette and respect towards others. This is promoted in all aspects of school life and is achieved in a multi-national environment, where pupils of all cultures are treated equally and their culture is respected.

Our aim is simply to offer the best in education academically, socially, emotionally, pastorally and with continuity for all pupils from age two to 18 years. This is offered in small class groups.

The curriculum is holistic and inclusive, meeting the needs of the whole child with respect to their physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual development.

We are committed to the pursuit of excellence and the building of confidence and self-esteem within each pupil.

We offer the best in education and care to pupils of all ages and abilities, because we believe that every child is unique, gifted and talented in their own special way.

We ensure that every child achieves their potential by giving them an excellent start, building firm educational foundations to enable them to seize all of the opportunities on offer to explore and develop their abilities educationally, emotionally and spiritually.

Therapeutic pursuits with social activities, music activities and animal care on our school farm are an integral part of the school’s curriculum, which helps to develop well-balanced individuals and enhance the ability, talent and skills of each pupil in every aspect of school life. This helps them to develop their character and to fulfil their dreams and ambitions.

In our safe, secure, spacious and adventurous environment, our pupils of all ages are provided with a caring team, as well as a wide range of facilities, equipment and resources to ensure that they are given every opportunity to develop their unique talents and abilities.

At Overstone Park School children are safe, healthy and happy in their achievements and participate in all aspects of school life.

Pupils’ opinions and contributions are valued and appreciated, they are encouraged to become good and effective members of their community.

Learning is enhanced in a warm and caring environment which is located in the countryside, where pupils have the scope to experience fun and adventure. Children are able to become very sociable and confident as they learn to socialise and explore with well-planned activities to ensure active, fun-packed days of learning.

As we move towards our 40th year, we look forward to having a big reunion day when we hope that some of the thousands of pupils we have educated will come back to visit us. This is much needed after the turbulent two years that Covid-19 has thrown at us. We continue to meet the challenges and we are still standing solid and firm.

We consider our former pupils to be a testament to our success. They have gone into many successful careers, and those that we have met up with appear to be happy with their lives.

To us, our pupils are like little birds. Some come to us with broken wings which we endeavour to mend enough for them to fly. The ones that have left us have done that and successfully flown to high planes from the Overstone Park School nest. Overstone Park School will always welcome them back with open arms.

We will continue to be of service to Northampton by providing our unique educational service.

The Overstone Park School has developed an incredible special needs department and continues to transform the lives of many children from the Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire area.The school has dedicated transport and caters to children from wider counties who can benefit from the fantastic facilities and learning support provided.Book an appointment today

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