HSBC is offering free online learning resources for families - here's what's available

HSBC is offering free online resources to help families who are homeschooling during lockdown, being designed to equip young people with finance skills for the future.

The bank’s new educational tools hope to help support parents, teachers and children during the coronavirus restrictions, with a variety of resources available depending on age.

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Range of resources on offer

The bank’s financial education hub features a series of educational videos and online resources aimed at young people aged from three to 25.

Annette Whalley, Senior Consultant in Education at HSBC UK, said: “Financial literacy is a critical life skill and our aim is to support families with fun, high-quality and easily digestible tools and resources – from videos and interactive lessons to downloadable worksheets and games - aligned to school curriculum and created with input from practising teachers and experts.”

These are the different resources HSBC currently offers:

This resource helps young children to build an understanding of the value of money and where it comes from. First Steps includes a range of interactive lessons and downloadable worksheets.

Developing Skills helps children to build financial skills in order to be able to make decisions about money. This programme includes interactive lessons and downloadable worksheets.

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This is a comprehensive learning platform where parents and teachers can track and share children’s learning plans, which have been developed by Young Money - the national charity that drives financial education skills in schools - in partnership with HSBC UK.

This programme helps independent young people take control of their money and manage their own finances. It includes interactive lessons, downloadable worksheets and even a phishing challenge to help spot the signs of fraud.

This programme helps to support young people to ‘Level Up’ their finances and become more financially savvy. The programme includes digital lesson plans, infographics, glossary sheets, budget trackers, and short films featuring a variety of sporting heroes. The resources aim to make setting financial goals fun, engaging and educational.

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