Bedfordshire school's new well-being room will help pupils adjust to life post-lockdown

Take a virtual tour of the space designed by a former student

Tuesday, 16th March 2021, 4:28 pm
Updated Tuesday, 16th March 2021, 4:30 pm

Houghton Conquest Lower School has developed a well-being nurture room to address potential issues for returning pupils.

After children went back to school last week, a huge focus has been on their mental health.

So, former student Olivia Harvey - who is now studying graphics at university as well as volunteering at Houghton Conquest Lower - developed the idea for the room.

The well-being nurture room

The peaceful colours and stimulating and calming sensory resources help all of the children, not just those who struggle with special educational needs.

Anna Allen, school business manager, said: "The children have had a very difficult year spending the majority of the time away from their friends and the support and structure of school.

"We know that some children will struggle returning to school and the new facility offers us a variety of different ways to address that."

And what was the pupils' reaction to the nurture room?

Mrs Allen added: "The children have absolutely loved it.

"One child who is autistic was completely over stimulated by the busy class environment on her return and she had some very much needed time with the designer in the room to calm. After 10 minutes she said that it made her feel very calm and that she was ready to go back to the classroom to learn.

"Olivia was really humbled to know that she'd made such a difference."

And the room hasn't just been a big hit with the pupils - it's so calming, staff are asking for allocated time slots for the end of the day too.