Bedfordshire lecturer launches daddy and daughter podcast from his shed

Duo cover a range of topics on lockdown episodes

One father and daughter have come up with a novel way to learn during the lockdown.

As University of Bedfordshire radio lecturer and podcast creator, Terry Lee, has launched a new series from his garden shed with his seven-year-old daughter, Primrose.

The podcast - called Primrose and Terry: In the shed - is produced from their Clophill home.

Primrose and Terry: In the shed

Terry said: “Although Primrose is being set lots of tasks by her lower school, Clophill St Mary’s, my wife Nell and I were keen to enable Primrose to direct some of her own learning.

“When I suggested to Primrose that I had some recording equipment and that we could make a podcast series, she was instantly keen.”

Primrose added: “I wanted to do a podcast with daddy because I wanted to do something for other people to listen to.

“I know listening to radio and podcasts brings people happiness; it does for me. I like hearing silly stories and music – that inspired our shed podcast.”

Terry, who also runs the university’s community radio station, Radio LaB 97.1fm on the Luton campus, said: “Primrose is an only child but is also really sociable, so one of the reasons for starting this podcast is to develop and nurture her communication skills and keep her connected to friends, family and a wider audience.

“As well as recording the podcast episodes, Primrose also chooses the topics we discuss, the guests we speak with, and played the music we use as our theme tune.”

In episode one of the podcast, the duo discuss Clophill, Terry's job at the University of Bedfordshire and Scottish accents.

Listen to Primrose and Terry: In the shed here