Bedford school pupils celebrate Heart Month this February

Students are “developing valuable life skills”
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This month, Year 6 pupils at Great Ouse Primary Academy, part of Meridian Trust, have been engaged in enriching activities centred around heart health, fostering both education and community well-being.

During an interactive science lesson, students had the opportunity to explore the anatomy of the heart by dissecting a lamb's heart. Through hands-on experience, they identified key components such as arteries, the Vena Cava, and ventricles, gaining a deeper understanding of the heart's structure and function.

In addition to the dissection, pupils have received training from a first responder on CPR, what it is and how it can save lives. Equipped with this knowledge, they are now better prepared to respond effectively in emergency situations, reflecting the school's commitment to promoting safety within the community.

A new defibrillator installed at Great Ouse Primary AcademyA new defibrillator installed at Great Ouse Primary Academy
A new defibrillator installed at Great Ouse Primary Academy

Great Ouse Primary Academy – in Seaforth Gardens, Bedford – has also installed a defibrillator on its premises, ensuring prompt access to life-saving intervention if needed. This proactive measure underscores the school's dedication to prioritising the health and safety of its students, staff, and the wider community.

"As are delighted to see our Year 6 pupils actively engaging in learning about heart health and safety measures," said Headteacher, Chris Payne. "By participating in these activities and extending the boundaries of their learning, they are not only expanding their knowledge but also developing valuable life skills that can benefit themselves and others.

“These initiatives reflect our holistic approach to education, emphasising the importance of both academic and practical learning experiences. By instilling a sense of responsibility and preparedness, we hope to empower our pupils to contribute positively to their community.”

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