Bedford Girls’ School achieve excellence in all areas

The Independent School Inspectorate (ISI) has awarded Bedford Girls’ School excellence in all areas, following a three-day inspection of the school in January

Monday, 17th February 2020, 4:43 pm
Updated Monday, 17th February 2020, 4:44 pm

A team of six inspectors focused on two key areas of outcomes and concluded that both the Academic and other Achievements, and Personal Development of the students were excellent.

Under the ISI framework this is the highest outcome that a school can achieve.

The ISI is the body approved by the Department for Education for the purpose of inspecting schools belonging to Independent Schools Council (ISC) Associations and reporting on compliance with independent school regulations.

Bedford Girls' School

In the report it said: "The curriculum is documented, supported by appropriate plans and schemes of work for the pupils and covers the required breadth of material. This teaching enables pupils to make good progress, encompasses effective behaviour management and is supported by suitable resources.

"The pupils' attitudes to learning are outstanding. They readily take a lead in their studies and in the many activities that support the curriculum.

"The pupils ability to listen, reflect, debate with authority and communicate in writing, is excellent.

"Pupils develop excellent skills for learning from an early age, including the ability to synthesise and analyse complex information from a wide variety of sources.

"Pupils excel in a wide variety of sporting, creativity and extra-curricular activities.

"Pupils embrace the many opportunities to improve the lives of others and make an outstanding contribution to the community within and beyond school.

"The pupils' excellent moral and social development is reflected in a community which is built on kindness and mutual respect."

Miss Jo MacKenzie, Headmistress of Bedford Girls’ School said: “We are thrilled with the ISI findings.

"Our excellence stems from delivering a clear educational vision through our partnership with staff, students, parents and the wider community, as we all work together to ensure that we are providing an exceptional forward thinking education for our students.

"I am extremely proud of our staff and students and this report provides a great platform from which the school will continue to grow.”

The inspection also included the compulsory compliancy inspection, where a school can only be awarded met or not met. Bedford Girls’ School achieved met for this element of the Inspection.