Overhaul of Bedford’s Aspects Leisure Park?

More than 100 new homes could be built at Aspects Leisure Park, as part of a new development.

Aspects Leisure Park, Bedford
Aspects Leisure Park, Bedford

Design firm Barton Willhheld a public consultation on Tuesday about the scheme, which would feature a series of one and two-bedroom apartments, as well as refurbishing the existing site.

Hilde Hendrickx, newly-elected councillor for Newnham, said that people she had spoken to would welcome the site being improved, but there were concerns about the height and design of the proposals, as well as the 
additional traffic.

She added: “It was disappointing that the consultation event was not advertised as widely as it might have been.”

Aspects Leisure Park has been the subject of numerous planning applications over the past 20 years which have either been rejected or been granted permission-only to not take place.

As a result the site has been seen as something of a ‘white elephant’ on the edge of the town centre, although it 
continues to host a cinema, gym, bingo hall, McDonald’s and Pizza Hut.

A planning application has not yet been lodged for this scheme.

A spokesman for Barton Willmore said it was up to the developer to comment, but that they did not know who the developer was.