New business model displays its wares

When it comes to catching your attention, this new Bedford business has found a surefire way of doing so.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 24th December 2012, 10:42 am is a new firm, based in Bedford, which specialises in selling shapewear online.

And its models were in The Embankment Hotel earlier this month with celebrity photographer Ruth Rose, for a photoshoot of its products.

The firm has been launched by Lindsay Deardon, whose family previously owned BTB Mailflight which has been one of Bedford’s biggest employers since 1969.

She said: “The Embankment was the perfect choice for our first shoot as it was over dinner at The Embankment that was actually conceived.

“After a couple of glasses of wine the conversation with my friends moved onto clothes. And we all agreed that our friend Alison was looking amazing in her figure hugging red dress and wanted to know how she’d got into such good shape, assuming she’d been on her latest crash diet or joined the gym again.

“But it turned out that it was all down to the new shapewear she’d bought. The discussion developed over dinner with only one of my six friends having never bought shapewear, and all the rest of us agreeing that it wasn’t easy to find good quality products that really work.”

She added: “After spending lots of time researching the shapewear market and talking to women of all shapes, sizes and ages my goal became to search the globe for the best shapewear available: shapewear that not only does what it claims to do but also looks good, feels great and boosts confidence. Surely this exists doesn’t it? And the good news is that it does.

“I have found some amazing shapewear that smooths and shapes, nips and tucks and transforms your silhouette. Some of it is super sexy – believe me, you will want your partner to see you in it.”

Kelly McKenzie, manager of The Embankment, said: “When Lindsay approached me I was glad to be able to help. She said she was looking to create images that are sophisticated, feminine and sexy, and I think our hotel has provided a perfect backdrop.”