Man from Bedfordshire village builds sports business on borrowed laptop after being made redundant during pandemic

And his venture is already forecast to turn over more than £75,000 in its first year

Tuesday, 8th June 2021, 10:38 am

When Nick Giles was made redundant one week into the pandemic last year, he didn't rest on his laurels.

Despite having no funding, the 29-year-old's dream of setting up a sports marketing agency didn't take too long to be realised.

After picking up a job at a small marketing agency, Nick, from Westoning decided he would go it alone and so he set up a sports marketing agency.

Nick Giles
Nick Giles

Nick said: "I had a burning desire to run my own business. The pandemic was the catalyst that I needed."

But it wasn't easy and he had to borrow a laptop while he worked out of his parents' house.

Nick added: "I had to be resourceful. I didn't get any funding to do it.

"I didn't even own my own laptop - I built the whole thing - website, branding, social media account - on a laptop I was borrowing whilst working at the small agency.

"I had to create a business plan, build the website and find clients."

And now his company - Halftime Agency - is forecast to turn over more than £75,000 in its first year.

"It was profitable in month one. I signed some good clients straight away."

Nick's clients include football clubs, software providers and even fitbits for footballers.

"We are a performance-driven sports marketing agency. Other agencies do not have the skills required to create effective campaigns for sports brands.

"Traditional agencies have slow processes that are not agile - what we do is very fast; it's reactive to what the clients want."

Now Nick just needs to find the right work/life balance as things begin to take off for him.

"The hardest part is finding the work/life balance."

But he certainly wouldn't discourage others from stepping out on their own.

"My motto is 'swing for the fences' and just for for it," he added.