Jobs boost as company moves to Sandy

Specialist retail display agency arken P-O-P International has opened a factory in Sandy, creating 30 new jobs.

With an investment of over £5m, the 20,000sq.ft factory will provide a significant increase in capacity for the business, adding to its current manufacturing site at its head office in Suffolk. Its new factory will alsocreate new jobs in a variety of roles including skilled production staff, team leaders, procurement management, and quality control.

The news comes after the award-winning retail display agency confirmed a £multi-million, multi-year contract with one of the UK’s leading high street health and beauty retailers.

arken has made a significant investment of over £200k in new CNC wood processing machinery. The new facility is expected to produce 200 units per week.

“The investment in our new factory once again demonstrates our commitment to manufacturing in the UK, the perception that overseas sourcing is more costeffective than the UK is rightly changing, and we offer retailers and brands innovative and award-winning retail display solutions, for true value for money,” said Tracy Scutt, managing director of arken P-O-P International.

Production at arken P-O-PInternational’s new factory in Sandy, has already begun, just three weeks after the firm agreed the lease contract for the premise.

“The project to get our new facility up and running in such a short space of time has taken a lot of effort from everyone involved, but once again demonstrates the company’s ability to make things happen, in the shortest of timescales.

“With a fantastic facility like this we are now even better able to meet existing client needs and expand production to take advantage of future growth opportunities,” added Ms Scutt.

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