If you're fed up with working from home, one Bedford business hub might have the solution

Popular with freelancers pre-lockdown, it has been upgraded as part of the new normal

By Clare Turner
Wednesday, 14th April 2021, 12:28 pm

Working from home is not always as fun as it sounds - with so many distractions, the need to feel normal by going out of the door to the office is suddenly very appealing.

So, a Covid-secure, cost-effective and creative space has been set up at Provident House in Harpur Street.

Here you can hot desk in a variety of spotlessly clean rooms for a little as £10 a day or £25 a week, with free coffee, scanner and printers.

Provident House in Harpur Street

There's also free wi-fi as well as on-site technical support if your laptop won’t link up.

The building was a popular co-working space destination pre-lockdown with freelancers, and has now been upgraded and adapted to take on board all social distancing and sanitised requirements in the new normal.

In addition to the office spaces, Provident House is the home to Bedford Radio. There's a new recording studio, ideal for those keen to present themselves via podcasts.