Flitwick pupils learn new skills at The Mall Luton

Children from Flitwick Lower School headed to The Mall Luton on Thursday, January 23, for a Takeover Day with the Skills Builder Partnership.

Pupils in year 3 and 4 started the day learning about their hosts and volunteers, before exploring the shopping centre with an 'access all areas' pass, including an insight into the recycling hub.

They then separated into teams before taking on their challenge, to design a new retail window display.

After researching and learning about existing displays, the children chose a product and theme to feature in their new window display.

Different components of each display were sketched individually by pupils, before combining their drawings to showcase their finished window display to their peers and volunteers from The Mall.

After running through their window displays, pupils reflected on how they applied teamwork throughout the challenge and how they could use this skill again in the future.

A Flitwick Lower School teacher said: "The Mall’s team have been more than welcoming on all levels, including a special behind the scenes tour. Skills Builder has certainly inspired the imagination and enthusiasm of the children.”

A pupil from Flitwick Lower School said: "l I enjoyed going to see people doing different jobs, like visiting the control room."