Flitwick firm played key role during nationwide power outage

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Energy chiefs in Flitwick played a key role when there was a major natonwide power cut on Friday.

Areas across the UK lost energy from 5pm on August 9, causing chaos to home and transport networks across the UK.

However Anesco’s Clayhill storage site in Flitwick helped balance the grid during the incident.

Anesco executive chairman Steve Shine told the Times & Citizen that this is why more such facilities are needed.

He said: “It would be easy for National Grid to write this incident off as a fluke event, but they have actually been aware of this potential issue for many years.

“Indeed, it can be seen in their System Operability Framework publications and was referenced in their System Needs and Product Strategy document.

“What is needed is a greater volume of faster response services, which can be called into action when the frequency drops. This would have prevented the need to turn the power off.

“Storage assets like our own 6MW Clayhill site responded to the event, but the fact is an insufficient volume of such assets have been procured.

“Battery storage technology would have resolved this issue and is absolutely essential as we move towards a renewable network. Despite everyone knowing how important they are to the system, and promises being made about tariffs that would make batteries investable, it’s 18 months later and we are still waiting.

“It’s incredibly frustrating and if something isn’t done, it will be the end of batteries - as no one will build them and no investor will touch them.”


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