Euro MP backs campaign to cut red tape

East of England MEP, Vicky Ford, is calling on small businesses from across the region, which includes Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire to help a campaign to cut red tape across Europe.

The Tory MEP added her signature to the Action not Words campaign which is supported by the Federation of Small Businesses.

The campaign aims to force the European Commission to introduce a ‘one-in, one-out’ rule for all new legislation and to make sure that the costs of legislation on small businesses are assessed before they are brought into law and once passed are then regularly re-considered.

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Vicky Ford said: “We all know that heavy handed European laws can put huge costs onto businesses - small and medium sized enterprises often bear the brunt of this. Surveys have shown that most small business owners spend on average seven hours a week just doing paperwork.

“It would be very helpful if those readers with friends, colleagues and clients in other EU countries could encourage them to contact their own MEPs asking for their support. A simple email to any MEP asking them to support the written declaration number 88/2010 will make all the difference. If we get enough signatures from MEPs then the European Commission is legally forced to take action.”