Creative Bedford couple launch mindfulness business inspired by challenges of lockdown

Mum of three creates ‘can of can-do’ to help daughters during coronavirus crisis

By Holly Patel
Thursday, 11th June 2020, 4:11 pm
Updated Thursday, 11th June 2020, 4:58 pm

An entrepreneurial couple from Bedford have launched a new mindfulness business inspired by the challenges faced by their three daughters during the coronavirus pandemic.

Hayley Simpson and Simon Baghomian, of Harrold, created the innovative product - dubbed the ‘little can of can-do’ - to provide positivity prompts and mindfulness exercises aimed at children aged over eight, to help build a positive mindset and can-do attitude.

A fun and simple tool that allows children to explore mindfulness, living in the moment and creating a sense of calm, the product was created by the husband and wife team, who were driven to create something to help kids take a time-out of their stressful lives and re-set for a moment.

Hayley and Simon with their daughters Amelie, Eva and Ella

The Bedford-based duo have already sold more than 800 cans since lockdown began in March, with sales spanning the whole of the UK – from St Ives, to Aberdeen and Belfast.

The unique product has since received the backing of mental health charity YiS (Youth mental Health services), with a portion of the profits raised from sales going towards supporting the Milton Keynes-based charity.

Hayley, business owner and co-creator, said: "As parents to three girls, two of whom are teenagers, we have become acutely aware of the stresses and distractions that kids face these days.

"The constant buzzing of their tablet or phone, the impossible expectations created by social media, the never-ending slog of school and homework, the complications of friendship groups and kids... the list is endless and can take the shine away from the brightest child.

“We created our little can of can-do to give daily doses of affirmation and mindfulness exercises, this has become particularly prevalent with the current situation and kids' anxiety levels high with lockdown and the threat of a pandemic."

While they had seen various journals and tools in the marketplace, from their own experience, they knew that not every child will commit to writing something out daily so we wanted to create something quick and fun for kids to engage with, something simple and colourful but that still included important messages about confidence and gratitude.

Hayley added: "Our kids have been involved at every stage of the process and have tried out many of the exercises to see which works best for them.

"We have also partnered with a mental health charity YiS (Young People’s Mental Heath services) who have endorsed the product, and this has also allowed us 'give back' with money from each can going to help them help kids with mental health problems."

Antonietta, Education and Training Lead at the charity, said: “Our charity YiS, supports young people's mental health throughout Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire through counselling,

education and training; so when Hayley and Simon contacted us about the Little Can of Can-Do, we were delighted to get involved with such a great well-being product for children and young adults.

“Messages of mindfulness and positivity can make a real difference to children and teenagers who might need that extra affirmation in their lives, and the cards are great tools to start discussions on mental health and feelings which in turn helps nurture self-belief in childhood which will stay with hem through their life."

Retailing at £15.99 the little can of can-do contains a month's worth of cards (28 in total) with prompts and exercises to encourage gratitude, confidence and positivity.

The cards have colourful and fun pictures to catch the eye one side and a prompt or activity on the other, encouraging kids to stop and appreciate the moment, look at the world more creatively and learn to love themselves.

After 28 days children can save their favourites and stick on the wall and use the colourful can for something else such a pencil holder or makeup brush container!

The Little Company of Can-Do has also created a second can called a Little Can of Can-do Social Media which contains 28 prompts and tips for kids and teens regarding staying safe and happy on social media.

It's aimed at children from teen years upwards and gives quick and easy advice on how to navigate the tricky waters of social media in a positive manner.

Due to customer demand they are also launching, this week, an adult can of mindfulness called the Little Can of Calm.

The materials for the cans and cards have been thoughtfully sourced, all recycled cardboard is sourced in the UK or EU, lowering the distance needed to process it, and helping minimise local emissions.

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