Bedford manufacturing firm Midas Pattern at forefront of coronavirus fight

Staff praised for pulling together during difficult time

Bedford firm - Midas Pattern Company Ltd - is one of many stepping up to support the NHS as it faces coronavirus head on.

With 30 successful years in business manufacturing polyurethane RIM mouldings - on the Elms Farm industrial Estate - it's continuing to make high-value products such as laboratory instrumentation and medical device equipment.

Midas’ managing director, Alan Rance, himself a coronavirus survivor, said the "business was perfectly positioned to ramp up production with existing tooling already on site and years of experience, when the call came in for desperately needed equipment to tackle Covid".

Midas Pattern Company Ltd

Devices such as ventilators and respirators that are helping the very sick to stay alive, mass spectrometers that develop pharmaceuticals and check the safety of food products, and laboratory instruments that are leading the way to develop the very much needed Covid-19 vaccine, all require an enclosure moulding.

A spokesman said: "We employ around 70 local people and are really proud of our business and people. We are so grateful to be in the position where we can offer support and have been blown away by how our amazing employees who have pulled together."