Bedford family make list of top 'ludicrous excuses' why they didn't buy a TV licence

A family from Bedford have made the TV Licensing most ludicrous excuses 2015 list.

Monday, 8th February 2016, 3:39 pm
Updated Wednesday, 17th February 2016, 6:21 am
TV licence

The Bedford residents claimed they did not have a television licence because: “My payment card fell into my hamster’s cage and he ate. I’m waiting for it to come out the other end so I can glue it back together and make a payment.”

One exasperated viewer informed TV Licensing that she couldn’t pay for her TV licence because it was only the kids who watch it and because they have been naughty, their pocket money had been stopped and they fell behind with the payments.

Another viewer told a TV Licensing enquiry officer: “I didn’t think I needed a licence because I’m not from around here - I’m from somewhere else.”

Mark Whitehouse, TV Licensing spokesperson for the Midlands and East Anglia, said: “We’re not impressed with the creative approach to excuses, as watching or recording live TV without a licence is against the law.

“Even though we’re effective at catching evaders, we’d always prefer people pay than risk a maximum £1,000 fine. For those who may find it difficult to pay in one go, we offer a range of payment options to spread the cost, sign up at”

Other amazing excuses include: “We were under the impression we didn’t have to pay for one if there was an occupant in the household who is over 75. Our pet turtle Betty turns 80 this December - do we get his free TV Licence?”

And this excuse from a Norwich resident: “I don’t need a licence, I’m a hologram from Red Dwarf.”