Review: This is the end

What happens when you put six actors in a locked house with no food, no water and no girls? Add in that it’s the apocalypse with demon creatures running rampant outside.

By Alison Devlin
Wednesday, 26th June 2013, 10:59 am

There you have yourself the new Seth Rogen movie – This Is The End.

Best friend Jay Baruchel visits Seth for the week and the guys are invited to James Franco’s exclusive celebrity house party. The famous faces encountered during the film are playing a fictional version of themselves. For example, we meet the cocaine snorting Michael Cera, who absolutely steals the house party show as the funniest celebrity there.

After popping to the convenience store for cigarettes, Jay and Seth witness turmoil and chaos when blue beams of light appear from the sky. A large earthquake follows and they run for their lives back to the house party.

Devastating events unfold which sees many of our favourite celebrities meet their doom in some hilarious and unorthodox ways.

Craig Robinson, James Franco, Jonah Hill and Danny McBride are, with Seth and Jay, the only ones to have survived and remained inside the house. Believing, as actors, they will be rescued first, the guys barricade themselves inside.

Robinson is a personal favourite. His macho appearance contrasting with his sweet and fuzzy personality makes for hilarious moments between himself and his fellow actors. Especially when himself and Jay begin questioning whether the event occurring is apocalyptic. The film isn’t massively religious in any sense, however.

If you hate some of the actors personally after this, I wouldn’t be surprised. Jonah Hill is very dislikeable as his ‘fictional’ self - as is Danny McBride. Though they stress they are only acting and it is an alternate version of their personalities, you do wonder.

This is definitely not a film for the squeamish. The themes and gags are either borderline extreme inappropriateness or just insanely crude. There are serious ‘laugh out loud’ moments, but there are also times when you will bury your face in your hands and sigh.

These guys are funny, but they are also complete idiots.

Oh, and if any of you are Pineapple Express fans, you’ll enjoy a montage-style scene of the actors passing time by filming a home-made sequel.

This Is The End is out on Friday, June, 28.