Don Broco celebrate Technology release with hometown gig in Bedford

Don Broco got their UK tour off to a flying start on Thursday night with a triumphant hometown gig on the eve of the release of their third album.

Friday, 2nd February 2018, 3:44 pm
Updated Friday, 2nd February 2018, 3:52 pm
Don Broco
Don Broco

Playing to a packed Corn Exchange in Bedford, the band tore through some of their biggest hits as well as teasing fans with tracks from Technology, which is officially released today.

The band’s formula of heavy riffs and anthemic choruses intersected with keys and funk infused basslines have propelled them onto the covers of national magazines and some of the biggest stages in the county.

However, despite have previously gigged at Esquires in the town, it was their first time - as Don Broco at least - playing in front of so many fans at home.

Don Broco

Along for the ride were Northampton’s Future Love and London rock trio Press To Meco.

Future Love, who are due to head into the studio to record a new EP imminently, rattled through a set of excellent moody alternative rock, while PTM followed with set of far heavier riffs – creating a huge sound for just a three piece.

Don Broco arrived onstage to a venue bathed in red lights and opened with Pretty and Everybody from Their new album before heading into more familiar territory.

It took only a few songs before frontman Rob Damiani had jumped from the stage and made his way onto the barrier to lean out into the masses of adoring fans.

Future Love

While Damiani, guitarist Simon Delaney and bassist Tom Doyle each had their own stage rises, it was Delaney who made the best use of it, vaulting into the air and around the stage at every opportunity – all while wearing some of the shortest shorts you’re likely to see on stage all year.

Tracks like What You Do To Me and Fire from their second album slowed the pace down a bit but a run of songs like You Wanna Know, Superlove and Automatic all perfectly encapsulate how Don Broco have been able to catapult themselves to playing in front of thousands.

Damiani was on chatty form all night, championing his home town, Esquires and also paying a homage to Metallica’s Lars Ulrich for supporting the band.

Fully aware their album was hours away from its official release, an ongoing joke all night involved encouraging fans to buy multiple copies in a bid to fend off Timberlake in the charts.

Don Broco

There was a genuine buzz around the venue with fans ecstatic to see Don Broco on home soil for the first time in about three years, with the band admitting they should return home to play more often.

If you’re a rock fan hungry for a slice of melodic pop, smattering of funk and keys and huge choruses in your life – you’ll be hard pressed to find another British band which combines all elements quite as well.

Don Broco play a sold out gig in London tonight (Friday) before heading out across the country.

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