Coronavirus won't stop my Bedford-based superhero novel coming out, says author

Book set in fictional version of Bedford

By Clare Turner
Wednesday, 15th July 2020, 1:37 pm
Updated Wednesday, 15th July 2020, 1:40 pm

When Jon-Jon Jones planned to release his superhero novel at Bedford River Festival, the last thing anyone expected was a global pandemic.

Based in the market town of Bunyan - a fictional version of Bedford - it tells the story of an unlikely superhero who discovers amazing powers after drinking unset jelly.

Jon-Jon, originally from Bedford, said: "Covid should not be allowed to dampen Bedford’s spirit so it was decided to release it anyway."

Jon-Jon Jones

The book - called The Jellyset Kid - is released on Saturday (July 18).

It tells the story of Meet Warwick Croxton, the only kid on the block without a mobile phone.

Always the butt of every joke, Warwick continues on with his head down until …

One day after drinking unset jelly, he awakes to discover it has set into his body giving him superhero abilities and transforming him into the Jellyset Kid.

The Jellyset Kid

As Warwick grows ever closer to Faustine, the most attractive girl in school, dare he believe that a tension is growing steadily between them?

But being a superhero isn’t as easy as it looks and Warwick soon realises this as a super villain quickly emerges and starts a personal war with him.

You can pre-order the Kindle version here