VIDEO: Inside new d’parys hotel and restaurant in Bedford

An aspiration and an inspiration - two words that describe perfectly the transformation that has taken place at an historic venue along De Parys Avenue.

What was once a traditional hotel is now d’parys, a blend of boutique, rustic, maybe some ‘shabby chic’ mixed with style, character and thoughtful design.

d'parys hotel and restaurant in De Parys Avenue

d'parys hotel and restaurant in De Parys Avenue

A complete renovation of the late Victorian building, with walls stripped of plaster and some innovative changes to the interior, ensure the first view is a complete and wonderful surprise.

The T&C was given a sneak preview of d’parys - a welcoming bar, hotel and restaurant with some quirky features - as work was in progress on finishing touches for the official opening on Monday, February 24.

The hotel’s sign heralds what sights lay in store for the visitor. The ‘d’ for d’parys has been simply created by two huge copper pans on a rustic old telephone pole - although simple, the effect is quite unusual.

“Our values are simple but not complex,” is how Alfie Molinaro, who will be running the business, describes the vision for d’parys, now part of the newly formed Apostrophe Pubs.

He has been working on the £1.3m project along with project managers Chris and Fiona Gerard.

Chris said: “I hope it’s a surprise for Bedford and gives people aspiration and high inspiration.

“I hope d’parys stretches us and we stretch Bedford.” A total of 49 people have new jobs at d’parys.

The 14 bedrooms are best described as boutique style and they have been furnished in period style but in a warm and appealing fashion.

Free-standing baths sit in the middle of simply furnished rooms with beds, dressing tables and accessories from the era. They are complemented by some beautiful lighting themes and many essentials that guests expect today.

Visitors are greeted by the charm of what is called Molly’s Tuck Shop, a casual bar area with a wall of wine and local ales, a traditional bakers table and some interesting light fittings!

A ‘library’ room features curved leather seating areas and the restaurant, opened up in ‘garden room’ style, has a ceiling lined with old shutters.

When you do visit, take time to admire the massive image on the outside - it shows Bedford’s election celebrations in 1832.