Rowing club launches Champions of the Future for students

Star Club Junior Rowing held its first Champions of the Future Indoor Rowing event in partnership with Concept2 and the Times and Citizen.

The event on March 6 was organised by Mark Bavington, Star Club Junior Coach, who said: “This is part of our rowing programme for schools and we are looking for more schools to get involved plus other sports clubs.

Indoor rowing at Redborne, Ampthill. Picture: Nikki Brealey

Indoor rowing at Redborne, Ampthill. Picture: Nikki Brealey

“It’s a great opportunity for all students from Year 8 upwards to have a go and test themselves against each other – whatever their school or sport.’

Redborne Upper School in Ampthill hosted the inaugural event and assistant headteacher Andy Wholmsley said: “The students loved it; it gave them a competitive opportunity to use the skills they’ve learned through the programme Mark has been delivering.”

Equally enthusiastic was Dylan King, head of Sport at Hastingsbury Upper School, who added: “It was a joy for me to see such a strong event and I get a real buzz from seeing students working in such a hard yet positive manner!’

Mr Wholmsley added: “We will never really know just how many future Olympians are lost to this country because of a lack of opportunity and I would urge all schools and sports to look at the possibilities a programme like this provides for students and provide the funding to ensure this can be replicated all over the country.”

The next event will be held in the Summer term so if you want to get a team involved find out more by visiting