Cycling round-up

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Beds Road Club

Teams from nine regions around the UK came together to race at the Inter Area 2012 Team Cyclo-Cross Championships at MK Bowl on Sunday.

Isaac and Mark Anstee raced in the Central Senior and Vets C teams, both finding the off-camber muddy conditions challenging – with Isaac going over five times.

Yorkshire won the Senior and Vets, Central won the Women’s and London won the Youth events.

In the U12 support race, Beds Road Club rider Rosie Dunbar finished third, followed by Oliver Barrett. The previous day Beds Road Club hosted a Go Ride Cyclo-Cross Race, a one lap time-trial followed by a mass start race with the overall winner decided by the combined result.

Beds Road riders Rose Coggins and Adam Lea rode well to win the U8 girls and boys sections.

In the U10 race the first two finishers, Alex Weatherill (Team MK) and Rosie Dunbar (BRCC) also won the overall U10 boys and girls contests.

Team MK rider Nik Day was fastest in the time-trial and also won the U12 race ahead of BRCC riders Ben Dunbar and Annabelle Foxall, who finish first girl.

BRCC rider Billy Fadden was the early leader of the U14/16 race before sliding off.

A race-long battle with Team MK’s Ben Weatherall followed, Weatherall winning the race and Fadden overall the quicker in the time-trial.

Jan Lamming’s fourth places in the race and time-trial gave him overall victory in the U16s.

Elsewhere, BRCC’s Cathy Rogers and Mark Young competed at the Ballbuster Duathlon on Sunday, comprising eight miles of running, a 24-mile bike and final eight-mile run around the Olympic Road Race course at Box Hill in Surrey.

Young clocked 3.31hrs, a 17-minute improvement on his 2011 result, and Rogers produced a superb time of 3.48hrs.

Go Ride Cyclo-Cross

U14/16 Race: 1, Ben Weatherill (Team MK); 2, Billy Fadden (BRCC); 3, Steven Russell (Icknield); 4, Jan Laming (BRCC); 5, Joshua Rayner (BRCC); 6, Uzeir Zulfqur (Icknield); 7, Enasio Rosselli Sharpe (Icknield); 8, Ryan Daniels (BRCC); 9, Thomas Haynes (BRCC); 10, Stefan Vargus Pritchard (BRCC); 11, Alex Thorne (BRCC); 12, George Litchfield (Icknield); 13, Harry Brettell (BRCC).

U12 Race: 1, Nik Day (Team MK); 2, Ben Dunbar (BRCC); 3, Annabelle Foxall (BRCC); 4, Silus McQueen (Icknield); 5, Louis Bibb (BRCC); 6, Oliver Course (BRCC); 7, Alex Daniels (BRCC); 8, Angus Hudson (BRCC); 9, Charlotte Brettell (BRCC); 10, Chloe Thorne (BRCC).

U10 Race: 1, Alex Weatherill (Team MK); 2, Rosie Dunbar (BRCC); 3, Sufiyan Hussain (Icknield); 4, Emily Moon (Team MK); 5, Miles Varley (BRCC); 6, Harry Layton (BRCC); 7, Charlotte Course (BRCC); 8, Abby Finka (BRCC); 9, Arran Mangat (BRCC).

U8 Race: 1, Adam Lea; 2, Joseph Hadsley; 3, Leo Kroll; 4, Rose Coggins (BRCC); 5, Jessica Lea; 6, Marcus Varley (BRCC); 7, Lene Brewer (BRCC).


Results: 1, Nik Day Team (Team MK), 1.21mins; 2, Billy Fadden (BRCC), 1.22; =3, Enasio Rosselli Sharpe (Icknield), 1.23; =3, Thomas Haynes (BRCC), 1.23s; 5, Silus McQueen (Icknield), 1.24; 6, Ben Weatherill (Team MK), 1.25; 6, Jan Laming (BRCC), 1.25; 8, Angus Hudson (BRCC), 1.27; 8, Uzeir Zulfqur (Icknield), 1.27; 10, Harry Layton (BRCC), 1.29; 11, Alex Weatherill (Team MK), 1.30; 11, Stefan Vargus Pritchard (BRCC), 1.30; 13, Sufiyan Hussain (Icknield), 1.31; 13, Ben Dunbar (BRCC), 1.31; 13, Joshua Rayner (BRCC), 1.31; 16. Annabelle Foxall (BRCC), 1.32; 16, Alex Daniels (BRCC), 1.32; 16. Ryan Daniels (BRCC), 1.32; 19, Louis Bibb (BRCC), 1.33; 19, Steven Russell (Icknield), 1.33; 21, Rosie Dunbar (BRCC), 1.34; 22, Oliver Course (BRCC), 1.37; 23, Alex Thorne (BRCC), 1.40; 23, Harry Brettell (BRCC), 1.40; 25, Adam Lea, 1.42; 25, Leo Kroll, 1.42; 27, Emily Moon (Team MK), 1.43; 28, Charlotte Course (BRCC), 1.45; 29, Miles Varley (BRCC), 1.47; 29, Chloe Thorne (BRCC), 1.47; 31, George Litchfield (Icknield), 1.48; 32, Charlotte Brettell (BRCC), 1.53; 33, Joseph Hadsley, 1.56; 34, Abby Finka (BRCC), 1.57; 35, Rose Coggins (BRCC), 2.07; 36, Arran Mangat (BRCC), 2.15; 37, Jessica Lea, 2.18s; 38, Lene Brewer (BRCC), 2.31; 39, Marcus Varley (BRCC), 3.39.

Overall Results

U16 Boys: 1, Jan Laming (BRCC); 2, Joshua Rayner (BRCC); 3, Thomas Haynes (BRCC).

U14 Boys: 1, Ben Weatherill (Team MK); 2, Billy Fadden (BRCC); 3, Steven Russell (Icknield); 4, Uzeir Zulfqur (Icknield); 5, Enasio Rosselli Sharpe (Icknield); 6, Ryan Daniels (BRCC); 7, Stefan Vargus Pritchard (BRCC); 8, Alex Thorne (BRCC); 9, George Litchfield (Icknield); 10, Harry Brettell (BRCC).

U12 Boys: 1, Nik Day Team (Team MK); 2, Ben Dunbar (BRCC); 3, Silus McQueen (Icknield); 4, Louis Bibb (BRCC); 5, Oliver Course (BRCC); 6, Alex Daniels (BRCC); 7, Angus Hudson (BRCC).

U12 Girls: 1, Annabelle Foxall (BRCC); 2, Charlotte Brettell (BRCC); 3, Chloe Thorne (BRCC).

U10 Boys: 1, Alex Weatherill (Team MK); 2, Sufiyan Hussain (Icknield); 3, Miles Varley (BRCC); 4, Harry Layton (BRCC); 5, Arran Mangat (BRCC).

U10 Girls: 1, Rosie Dunbar (BRCC); 2, Emily Moon (Team MK); 3, Charlotte Course (BRCC); 4, Abby Finka (BRCC).

U8 Boys: 1, Adam Lea; 2, Joseph Hadsley; 3, Leo Kroll; 4, Marcus Varley (BRCC).

U8 Girls: 1, Rose Coggins (BRCC); 2, Jessica Lea; 3, Lene Brewer (BRCC).