Athletics round-up

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Bedford Harriers

Ironman World Championship, Kona, Hawaii, swim 2.4-miles, cycle 112-miles, run 26.2-miles: Gill Fullen, 1.17.38hrs, 6.17.49hrs, 4.04.38hrs, 11.47.42hrs.

Last Friday in Month 5km: Kathy Horsman, 22.00mins; Joe Horsman, 23.02.

Autumn Duathlon, run one, cycle, run two: Justin Burrell, 21.34mins, 29.04mins, 24.13mins, 1.17.03hrs; Aleck Hornshaw, 21.15, 29.29, 23.58, 1.17.09; Tim Price, 23.37, 36.50, 26.18, 1.27.48; Alison Cooper, 25.43, 41.09, 26.10, 1.34.45; Samantha Baylis, 25.43, 41.34, 26.10, 1.34.45; Rosie Harper, 26.15, 50.49, 26.48, 1.45.32.

Toulouse Marathon: 4 MV3, Bob Wells, 3.15.04hrs.

Back To Basics 5-miles: Carole Darnell, 49.51mins.

Ricky Road Run 10-miles: Steve Horton, 1.01.55hrs.

Run To The Beat Half-Marathon: Adam Panter, 1.51.28hrs.

RAF v EAA v Cambridge University (East of England Cross-Country Match): 32, Marcus Cookham, 40.10mins.

Worthing 5-miles: Rachel Beckett, 46.32mins.

Bedford Parkrun: Colin Ross, 20.55mins; John Harbour, 23.09; Estelle Smith, 25.18; Ray Evans, 26.41; Scott Nichols, 27.07; Caroline Diggle, 27.19; Jackie Keenan, 29.57; Kate Barnard, 38.50; Peter Bishop, 39.55.

Stevenage Half-Marathon: Andrew Robertson, 1.45.23hrs; Karen Robertson, 1.45.24.

Lode Half-Marathon: Bev Hayes, 1.54.17hrs.

Bungay 20km: 2 lady, Marianne Williamson, 1.28.12hrs.

Spooky Sprint 10km: Mark Taggart, 48.19mins.

Three Counties Cross-Country League, Race One, Wellingborough, Team Results: 1, Ampthill & Flitwick Flyers, 174pts; 2, Wootton Road Runners, 259pts; 3, Bedford Harriers, 374pts. Men’s Team Results 6, Bedford Harriers Men, 363pts. Ladies Team Results 1, Bedford Harriers, 11pts. Men’s Results: 27, Andrew Palombella; 31, Kevin Willett; 48, Paul Furness; 63, Jose Ariza; 70, Neil Lovesey; 78, Neil Loader; 83, David Roberts; 91, Laurence Abbott; 94, Justin Moir; 95, David Holt; 112, Paul Stuart; 117, Simon North; 119, Mark Lowe; 156, Richard Beard; 160, Justin Burrell; 166, Graham Short; 176, Adam Hills; 178, Ian Joyce; 189, Geoff Cooper; 200, Aleck Hornshaw; 202, Tony Parello; 203, Gary Moore; 205, Alistair Vile; 208, Mourad Ben Taieb; 220, Graham Mackie; 221, Andy Jones; 222, Richard Wild; 238, James Wallbank; 242, Lawrence Folley; 264, Stuart Snelson; 268, Amesh Parit; 278, Richard Pooley; 279, Amandeep Chambers; 295, Cliff Smith; 296, Tony Barnes; 298, Chris Capps; 303, Tom Brassington; 307, Tony Jones; 322, Noel Jones; 324, Ian Kingston; 325, Chris Fadden; 338, David Prior; 339, Richard Watson; 351, Steve Gaunt; 383, Richard Gallivan; 388, Jack Chana; 392, Steve Crane; 402, Scott Nichols; 411, Darren Cimelli; 416, Steve Turner; 424, Ian Sturdgess; 452, Roger Sewell. Ladies Results: 28, Gill Fullen; 38, Anna Folland; 67, Sally Cartwright; 108, Donna McEwen; 122, Anna-Louise Bradley; 129, Carla Jenkins; 142, Carla Fisher; 148, Nora Haggart; 185, Juliet Smith; 236, Stephanie Dennis; 251, Melissa Burrell; 271, Larissa Clarke; 311, Alison Cooper; 333, Viv Kilgour; 344, Jeanette Cheetham; 355, Paula Stuart; 379, Sarah Wanden; 384, Jacinta Horne; 389, Lesley Gaunt; 394, Christine Parello; 405, Linda Wilding; 406, Lindsay Carter; 412, Amanda Done; 415, Zoe Willett; 418, Eliza Bogan; 420, Jo Rogers; 426, Caroline Diggle; 431, Caroline Clark; 432, Catherine Clark; 439, Judy Prior; 444, Lorena Henderson; 453, Tina Delaney; 455, Sarah Feal; 460, Angela Gallivan; 461, Gemme Stevenson; 463, Iva Barr.

Bedford Multi Sport

Bedford Parkrun: Jade Mitchell, 35.30mins; Jamie Mitchell, 35.30; Paul Sparkes, 35.31.

Bedford Parkrun

Alex Davy (SM20-24) of Leeds City AC won this week’s Bedford Parkrun in 17.07mins, ahead of Bruce Lovell (SM35-39) of Team Balancise in second in 17.41mins and Andy Perkinson (SM35-39) of Horsforth Harriers third in 18.10mins.

In the women’s event, Ellen Lara Garraway (VW40-44) of Team Balancise triumphed in 19.03mins, with Elaine O’Sullivan (VW50-54) of Team Balancise runner-up in 20.43mins and Claire Perusko (VW40-44) third in 21.55mins.

The Annual Points Competition is topped by Anne Fretwell with 2,033pts and Nick Osborne with 1,770pts. The Best Age Grade scores were O’Sullivan (VW50-54) with 84.07 per cent, Phil Redden (VM60-64) with 80.98 per cent his time of 19.48mins and Garraway (VW40-44) who graded 80.31 per cent.

Bedford Parkrun para-athlete special prizes have been awarded to Mustapha Sanjach, T12, of Bedford Multi Sport for his time of 16.52mins, Naeem Masih, T46, of Bedford Multi Sport with 18.32mins and Ayoub Chaoui, T13 of Bedford Multi Sport, for clocking 22.10mins.

Bedford parkrunner of the month was Reece Luetchford, with parkrunner of the week Peter Bishop.

A parkrun club 50 special prize went to Dave Huck with club 10 special prizes going to Ben Cox, Craig Soper and Jade Mitchell (Bedford Multi Sport), while volunteer was Martyn Green.

This week there were 147 runners, of whom 15 were first-timers and 27 recorded new personal bests.