Athletics round-up

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Bedford & County AC

Bedford Parkrun: Oliver Davies, 19.53mins; Maisie Pritchard, 22.09; Daniel Stanton, 25.21.

Bedford Harriers

Henlow 10 miles: Jerry Pullinger, 1.04.03hrs; Neil Lovesey, 1.11.15; Mark Tinkler, 1.15.07; Rebecca Baxter, 1.15.07; Jenny Lovesey, 1.22.17; Amanda Done, 1.38.52.

Birmingham Half-Marathon: Paul Hepburn, 1.37.58hrs; Joe Gibson, 1.39.39; Susan Johnston, 2.19.20.

Daventry 10 miles: 1 MV50, Jerry Pullinger, 1.02.24hrs; Paul Furness, 1.02.53; Charlie Hempstead, 1.16.14; Dave Bamber, 1.29.37; Jack Chana, 1.32.26; Rachel Beckett, 1.40.05; Ian Sturdgess, 1.41.30.

Bedford Parkrun: Michael Munro, 22.09mins; Richard Pooley, 22.31; Dean Newman, 23.02; John Harbour, 23.11; Sarah Relton, 24.24; Sarah Wanden, 24.51; Noel Jones, 25.00; Dawn Childs, 26.13; Ray Evans, 26.59; Jackie Keenan, 30.56.

Northampton Parkrun: Paul Furness, 19.13mins.

Fenland 10 miles: Marianne Williamson, 1.07.52hrs; Mark Tinkler, 1.10.37; Andrew Robertson, 1.12.07; Keith Gray, 1.12.37; Rebecca Baxter, 1.13.53; Caroline Devine, 1.14.04; Jenny Lovesey, 1.16.56; Karen Robertson, 1.17.38.

Frankfurt Marathon: Tony Cormano, 3.11.11hrs; Gary Finch, 3.13.04; David Sharman, 3.19.57.

BUPA Gt South Run: Bev Hayes, 1.20.51hrs.

Bedford Multi Sport

Bedford Parkrun: Paul Sparkes, 20.36mins; Kim Patrick, 30.05; Nikki Linford, 47.25.

Bedford Parkrun

Lee Brooks (SM30-34) of Huntingdonshire AC won this week’s Bedford Parkrun in 17.44mins.

David Lee (JM15-19) of Biggleswade Rugby Club was second in 17.55mins and James Down (SM25-29) of David Lloyd Redway Runners third in 18.01mins.

In the women’s event, Abi Gooch (VW35-39) of David Lloyd Redway Runners triumphed in 21.51mins, Maisie Pritchard (JW14) of Bedford & County AC was runner-up in 22.09mins and Julia Thornton (VW35-39) of David Lloyd Redway Runners was third in 23.16mins.

The Annual Points Competition is led by Anne Fretwell with 1,942pts and Nick Osborne with 1,685pts.

The Best Age Grade Scores on the day were recorded by Oliver Davies (JM14) with 76.95 per cent with a time of 19.53mins, Lee (JM15-19), graded 76.47 per cent for the time of 17.55mins and Nigel Sheppard (VM50-54), who recorded 74.58 per cent for the time 19.56mins.

This week there were 125 runners, of whom 24 were first-timers and 21 recorded new personal bests.

A Bedford Parkrunner of the month special prize was awarded to Reece Luetchford, while volunteers of the month were Katarina Darcy and Norman Beckwith.