Athletics round-up

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Bedford Harriers

Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest (13.1km Obstacle Race): Sarah Wanden, 1.41.47hrs.

Leicester Half-Marathon: Joanne Smythe, 2.03.03hrs.

Cardiff Half-Marathon: Richard Baxter, 1.34.51hrs; Veronica Singleton, 1.39.56.

Brighton & Hove Parkrun: Helen Woolley, 21.39mins.

Northampton Parkrun: Renee Allen, 19.11mins.

Bedford Parkrun: Keith Gray, 21.28mins; Alan Rickhuss, 21.59; Carl Furness, 22.20; Stuart Snelson, 22.36; John Harbour, 24.16; Sarah Wanden, 24.32; Joanne Smythe, 26.54; Jenny Cull, 27.18; Keith Milton, 30.18; Kate Barnard, 30.28; Cecilia Thomas, 30.31; Clare Steel-Jessop, 30.40.

Self Transcendence 10 miles: 1 man, Marcus Cookham, 59.22mins, PB.

Cabbage Patch 10 miles: Darren Miller, 1.14.59hrs.

Ampthill Trophy Cross-Country, 8km: 4, 1 MV40, Marcus Cookham, 31.51mins; Gary Finch, 33.40; Andrew Palombella, 34.11; 2 lady, Anna Folland, 34.46; 3 lady, Renee Allen, 34.53; Neil Lovesey, 35.42; 1 LV45, Sally Cartwright, 35.56; David Sharman, 36.17; David Roberts, 36.48; Carla Jenkins, 37.52; Graham Short, 38.53; Sally Johnston, 39.03; David Holt, 39.20; Andrew Robertson, 39.38; Juliet Smith, 40.05; Nora Haggart, 40.08; Richard Beard, 40.09; Tim Price, 41.11; Keith Gray, 41.16; James Wallbank, 41.52; Mark Taggart, 42.36; Stephanie Dennis, 42.48; Gareth Hardman, 43.11; Karen Robertson, 43.12; Larissa Clarke, 43.14; Robert Wallis, 43.17; Mark Tinkler, 43.32; Chris Capps, 43.55; Richard Pooley, 44.11; Jenny Lovesey, 44.27; Amesh Parit, 45.04; Tom Brassington, 45.55; Diane Wallis, 46.10; Viv Kilgour, 46.13; Jeanette Cheetham, 46.33; Chris Fadden, 47.57; Sarah Wanden, 49.37; Steve Crane, 50.02; Jacinta Horne, 50.30; Caroline Clark, 54.04; Roger Sewell, 1.03.58hrs; Savina Velotta, 1.06.18; Val Bird, 1.06.27.

Abingdon Marathon: Alison Cooper, 3.41.15hrs; Catherine Course, 3.52.48.

Bedford Multi Sport

Bedford Parkrun (Event 73): Lee Clarke, 27.39mins.

Bedford Parkrun (Event 74): John Clough, 24.04mins; Paul Sparkes, 25.35; Karen Mitchell, 26.37; Phillip Mitchell, 26.38; Lee Clarke, 27.42; Nigel Denby, 27.45; Kim Patrick, 27.59; Jamie Mitchell, 31.30; Ben Mitchell, 31.30; Jade Mitchell, 31.31; Sam Jones, 34.56; Sophie Sparkes, 35.24.

Herts 10km: Jon Clough, 52.24mins; Nigel Denby, 58.56, Kim Patrick, 59.04.

Bedford Parkrun

Martin Hamilton (VM45-49) won this week’s Bedford Parkrun in 19.08mins – his first win in his 10th appearance.

Paul Whitmarsh (SM35-39) was second in 19.09mins and Steven Fruer (SM30-34) third in 19.58mins.

Julia Zakrzewski (SW25-29) won the women’s event in 19.22mins, with Ellen Lara Garraway (VW40-44) of Team Balancise runner-up in 19.27mins and Lindsay Lister (VW45-49) third in 21.39mins.

In the Annual Points Competition, Anne Fretwell leads with 1,848pts, while Nick Osborne has 1,599pts.

The Best Age Grade Scores recorded were Garraway (VW40-44) with 78.66 per cent, Julia Zakrzewski (SW25-29) with 76.42 per cent and Martin Hamilton (VM45-49) with 75.26 per cent.

This week there were 130 runners, of whom 28 were first-timers and 32 recorded new personal bests.

A Bedford Parkrun Club 10 special prize was awarded to Ben Mitchell of Bedford Multi Sport and 50 special prizes to Keith Allan and Ray Evans.

This weekend the Fancy Dress Bedford Parkrun will take place in Bedford Park.