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Ampthill & Flitwick Flyers

Admiral Bay Swansea Bay 10km: Pat Godfrey, 1.01.47hrs.

Milton Keynes Parkrun: Rebecca Fleckney, 26.40mins; Pat Godfrey, 29.24.

Leighton Tough 10-mile: Martin Beare, 1.02.32hrs; Mark Billington, 1.13.38; David Stanley, 1.13.44; Shaun Kirtley, 1.18.03; Robert Cook 1.29.48; Rebecca Fleckney, 1.40.49; Jane Cook, 1.53.12.

Bedford Parkrun: Ben Parkes, 20.44mins; Martin Godin, 21.40; Rebecca Fleckney, 26.45.

Milton Keynes Parkrun: Nick Stone, 27.32mins; Annie Page, 28.22.

Chester Marathon: Martin Beare, 2.55.06hrs; George Arbuckle, 3.03.28; Paul Owen, 3.04.15; Richard Jones, 3.22.43; Steven Pritchard, 3.28.46; 3 M60, Phil Clarke, 3.31.02; Claire Fisher, 3.32.29; David Cook, 3.33.16; David Coker, 3.34.47; Ron Armstrong, 3.38.16; Philip Horan, 3.38.33; Nicola Bowerman, 3.53.48; Julie Pritchett, 3.55.16; Rebecca Fleckney, 4.09.59; Terry McHugh, 4.20.51.

Standalone 10km: Jeremy Lewis, 44.12mins; Martin Davey, 45.06; 3 Junior Lady U20, Ella Stanley, 50.13, PB; Pat Godfrey, 59.49.

Windsor Half-Marathon: Jason Theobald, 1.47.34hrs; Mike Gabbitass, 1.56.09.

Bedford & County AC

Bedford & County AC’s Senior men and women were in action again on Saturday, finishing 17th at the AAA National Six Stage Road Relay held in Clumber Park, Nottingham.

Matt Bergin got the team off to the best possible start finishing fourth out of the 64 teams on the first leg with a superb time of 14.52mins over the undulating 5.1km lap – overall 10th fastest of the day and fastest time by an U20 athlete. Steve Naylor’s fine run of 15.13mins then kept Bedford in the medal hunt as they moved up to third place.

Bottom year U20 Michael Harrison, in his first senior race at National level, was always going to find it tough going with several GB internationals chasing him down, but he still ran a solid 16.20mins to bring the team home in 17th.

This turned out to be the final position as John Eves (15.52mins), Luke Humphreys (15.58mins) and Will Mackay (16.28mins) couldn’t move any higher.

Bedford were one of only 10 clubs with B teams in the race, finishing in an excellent 29th place and the fourth B team thanks to Dan Dalmedo (15.52mins), Alex Bellew (16.04mins), Jack Goodwin (15.54mins), Craig Emmerson (17.05mins), Alan Metcalfe (17.19mins) and Chris Riley (16.45mins).

Bedford & County’s Senior women finished 24th in a high quality field. Alice Burgin led the team off in 18th position, with a time of 12.32mins, she then handed over to Rebecca Murray who moved the team into 15th place with 12.39mins before Hannah Goodwin (13.48mins) and Emma Coombes (16.15mins) brought the team home.

Bedford Harriers

Liverpool Marathon: Melissa Burrell, 3.54.29hrs.

Snowman Triathlon, swim 750m, bike 31km, run 8km: Gary Finch, 2.57.45hrs.

Ridgeway Run 15km: David Holt, 1.12.48hrs; James Dunn, 1.15.52; Kathy Horsman, 1.19.20; Viv Kilgour, 1.27.23; Delores Wallis, 1.28.50; Jeanette Cheetham, 1.30.28; Jacinta Horne, 1.33.25.

Oxford Half-Marathon: Dean Newman, 1.44.47hrs.

Great Eastern Half-Marathon: Jerry Pullinger, 1.23.45hrs; Andrew Palombella, 1.24.18; Anna Folland, 1.26.43; David Sharman, 1.28.41; Luke Ablard, 1.29.22; Tony Cormano, 1.29.49; Carla Jenkins, 1.31.51; Paul Furness, 1.31.51; Neil Lovesey, 1.32.29; Mark Tinkler, 1.34.10; Abigail Schofield, 1.34.11; Robert Jones, 1.35.26; Paul Hepburn, 1.38.08; Alan Rickhuss, 1.39.01; Anna-Louise Bradley, 1.40.05; Keith Gray, 1.40.17; Helen Woolley, 1.40.28; Caroline Devine, 1.40.35; Michael Munro, 1.41.30; Lawrence Folley, 1.42.11; Jenny Lovesey, 1.42.14; Gareth Hardman, 1.42.51; Clive Prior, 1.43.28; Beverley Tredget, 1.48.20; Bev Hayes, 1.48.20; Trudie Finch, 1.49.19; Tony Jones, 1.51.38; Tom Brassington, 1.51.54; John Aspinall, 1.54.37; Ken Parsons, 1.59.49; Ian Soaft, 1.58.34; Angela Sloan, 2.05.05; Paul Walton, 2.05.05; Caroline Diggle, 2.06.11; Ian Sturdgess, 2.11.34; Carole Darnell, 2.18.40; Neica Louise Braik, 2.46.39

Marple Parkrun: Charlie Hempstead, 23.31mins.

Milton Keynes Parkrun: Marcus Cookham, 17.21mins.

Jersey Marathon: 2 FV50, 1 FV50 in the PSUK Championships, Veronica Singleton, 3.30.15hrs.

Great Cumbrian Half-Marathon: 1 M60, Bob Wells, 1.30.58hrs.

Blenheim Half-Marathon: John Harbour, 1.45.47hrs.

Chester Marathon: Dave Simpson, 4.16.16hrs; David Prior, 4.16.39.

Sixth Rab Mountain Marathon: Matt Burgin, 12.27.26hrs, 470pts.

Destination Basingstoke Shire Half-Marathon: Bev Hayes, 1.55.24hrs.

Great Abington 10km: Richard Wild, 45.34mins.

Hanney 5 miles: Marcus Cookham, 28.21mins.

Bedford Sprint Series, race three, swim 400m, bike 24km, run 5km: Andrew Robertson, 8.34mins, 47.43mins, 21.34mins, 1.20.45hrs; Karen Robertson, 8.33, 47.58, 22.22, 1.22.07; Larissa Clarke, 12.37, 53.34, 23.07, 1.33.02; Jenny Cull, 8.35, 1.00.14hrs, 27.00, 1.40.51; Michelle Watt, 9.45, 56.43, 28.55, 1.41.20.

On Your Marks 10km: Darren Miller, 44.34mins.

Standalone 10km: 2 LV55, Nora Haggart, 43.08mins; Mark Tinkler, 43.56; Keith Gray, 44.24; Rebecca Baxter, 44.53; Emma Parker, 44.50; Richard Pooley, 45.26; Tony Barnes, 46.17; Robert Wallis, 47.16; Diane Wallis, 47.45; Adam Panter, 48.50; Sarah Wanden, 51.49; Linda Wilding, 55.09; Caroline Diggle, 55.30; Paul Walton, 55.34; Penny Duffin, 55.42.

Milton Keynes Parkrun: Marcus Cookham, 40.17mins.

Northampton Parkrun: Darren Miller, 21.56mins.

Bedford Parkrun: Noel Jones, 23.25mins; Jenny Lovesey, 23.41; Alan Shillitoe, 23.52; Sarah Wanden, 25.32; Kate Barnard, 28.40; Susan Johnston, 30.32; Clare Steel-Jessop, 31.00; Jackie Keenan, 32.24; Sylvia Jones, 34.47; Peter Bishop, 43.07.

Loch Ness Marathon: Jenny Lovesey, 4.00.28hrs.

USN Eton Dorney Triathlon, swim 1,500m, bike 42.4km, run 10km: Bev Hayes, 33.17mins, 1.33.28hrs, 48.49mins, 2.59.25hrs.

Poole Parkrun: Stuart Snelson, 22.06mins.

School Cross-Country League, Race One (Browns Wood)

Year 5/6 Boys: 1, Lincroft, 10; 2, Robert Bloomfield, 12; 3, Alameda, 47; 4, Margaret Beaufort, 69; 5, Bedford Prep, 82; 6, Harrold Priory, 113.

Year 5/6 Girls: 1, Robert Bloomfield, 18; 2, Lincroft, 20; 3, Alameda, 33; 4, Bedford Girls, 37; 5, Margaret Beaufort 41; 6, Harrold Priory, 66

Year 7/8 Boys: 1, Robert Bloomfield, 6; 2, Lincroft, 21; 3, Bedford Prep, 50; 4, Harrold Priory, 72; 5, Margaret Beaufort, 79; 6, Alameda, 154

Year 7/8 Girls: 1, Bedford Girls, 10; 2, Margaret Beaufort, 18; 3, Robert Bloomfield, 31; 4, Lincroft, 43; 5, Harrold Priory, 77; 6, Alameda, 84