World travel tops many bucket lists

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Do something new for 2013 – create a bucket list of aspirations to achieve in life.

More than half of people in Bedfordshire are already thinking about their bucket list according to Shires Funeral Directors.

The company, which has offices in Bedford and Kempston as well as other county and Hertfordshire locations, commissioned ICM to interview 118 adults in Bedfordshire.

The results revealed that 57 per cent have either prepared their bucket list, are thinking about preparing one or are planning to write one.

The list details things the author would like to achieve or do before dying.

Topping the county’s list was world travel with 67 per cent of respondents saying this is their biggest ambition.

Thirty two per cent want to see their children married or settled down while 29 per cent would like to swim with dolphins.

Other popular aspirations include completing adventurous activities, going to Disneyworld and learn to fly.

Peter Hardy, general manager of Shires Funeral Directors, said: “We would encourage those thinking of new year’s resolutions to widen their imagination this year and collate a bucket list.

“Our research shows that over half of Bedfordshire residents are thinking of their own bucket lists and this reflects the conversations we have in branch.”

Life enriching experiences are proving more popular than material possessions amongst all ages.

Other findings reveal that family traditions such as skills and heirlooms continue to be passed down between generations.

Almost half of people had inherited jewellery. Many had received photographs or paintings.

Thirty seven per cent inherited recipes.

Other frequently inherited items included seasonal holiday traditions and home making skills.

People were also asked what they hope to pass down to the next generation.

They listed jewellery in first place followed by photographs and paintings so this has not changed.

These were followed by property, home making skills and ornaments, crockery or glassware.

Peter added: “We are proud to be a family owned and managed company and so have been encouraged to see that today’s society still places an emphasis on the legacy left to family and friends.”