World Cup fun at lower school brings global cultures to life

Brickhill Lower School with World Cup flags for special assembly.
Brickhill Lower School with World Cup flags for special assembly.

World Cup fever kicked off in assembly at a Bedford lower school.

Pupils and staff have at Brickhill Lower School, have been using the World Cup as a platform to stimulate learning about other countries, cultures, languages and customs.

As the tournament has been played out, each class has been given a country to study and the children have taken part in a range of activities from flag making to cooking national dishes.

The facts they have found out about each country were shared at a special celebration assembly held on Monday, June 23.

Assistant head teacher, Jenny Lobban, who is leading the initiative, said: “The World Cup has really captured the imaginations of the children, and they have been really excited to learn about the country which they have been given.

“It’s also provided us with an opportunity to celebrate the diversity we have within our school and we have been lucky enough to have parents coming in to cook and share food from their own countries.

“The children have tried everything from Zimbabwean vegetable rice, to homemade pizzas and pakoras.”

The theme of the World Cup has been embraced across the curriculum with children in one making Dutch windmills in art and design, whilst another class have been practicing a Mexican Bean dance in their PE lessons, and many of the children will be enjoying their own Brazilian lemonade and coffee biscuits at snack time.

The entire school community have been involved in this initiative, with the kitchen staff taking on ‘England’ whilst the school governors have been charged with finding out facts about South Korea.

Ms Lobban added: “The World Cup has truly engaged the children, many of whom are too young to stay up and watch the matches, but through this global tournament, it is hoped that they will emerge with a much broader understanding of the world around them.”