West End spectacular rocks sellout audience at St Thomas More

We Will Rock You at St Thomas More School, Bedford.

We Will Rock You at St Thomas More School, Bedford.

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Show review by Pelin Morgan

Something pretty spectacular happened at St Thomas More Upper School at Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

We Will Rock You at St Thomas More School, Bedford.

We Will Rock You at St Thomas More School, Bedford.

The lights went up and the drum beats began in the performance hall to a sellout audience and for the next two hours the stage was dominated by the blaring, hilarious, rollicking We Will Rock You, a fantastic musical fresh from the West End who really wants to break free.

Directed by Angela Cooper, who, it is unanimously agreed among the cast and crew, has done an absolutely fabulous job, WWRY starred an incredible array of talented people from every part of the school, some of whom had never been on stage live before, but all giving killer performances that had the audience clapping along, carried by the mind-blowing band.

But it was more than just a show. Sure, it was a fantastic show, it’s a smash-hit musical, a crazy, thrilling collision of rock ‘n’ roll, laugh-out-loud comedy and exuberant style.

But for everyone involved, the stunning cast, the incredible live band, the indefatigable team of prop, set, costume designers and creators, the make-up artists, the light and sound team - our ridiculously talented “Tommy Rock Family” (headed, of course, by Mother Coops)- it’s been the experience of a lifetime.

We’ve bonded so much over the last three months, especially in the weeks running up to opening night; made friends with people we might never have spoken to otherwise, exploded in confidence on stage and off of it, and collected inside jokes and shared memories we’ll be laughing about for years.

And in the end, the tireless hours of rehearsal, the late-night line-learning, the buckets of hairspray, were all worth it. When we stepped/ran/stumbled onto that stage, the timeless music of Queen echoing in our ears, the energy was tangible, an electric connection that filled each and every person in the theatre, and we belted out every song with a kind of thrill- you could say, a kind of magic - in the air, amidst the smoke and lights and enthralled faces in the audience. And we rocked!