Water wars break out at weekend camp

Flitwick Scouts at Great Barford camp site

Flitwick Scouts at Great Barford camp site

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More than 160 scouts, adult volunteers, parents and carers from Flitwick enjoyed a fun and activities at a weekend camp at Great Barford.

The activities included archery, climbing, fire lighting, kayaking and making and launching water rockets. Parents and carers had a chance to activities such as craft, making water rockets and building chariots, with their children. One of the highlights of the weekend was the children encouraging their parents to get to the top of the climbing wall. A favourite activity for the children was “water wars” where they used tennis racquets to try to return some of the water-filled balloons to the other team.

One of the last activities of the weekend was launching water rockets. Cub scout Jack Maguire said: “It was a great weekend. I hit the bullseye on the archery range with my fourth arrow. I enjoyed everything about the weekend, it was great fun.” Visit www.flitwickscoutgroup.org.uk