VIDEO: Preapare to be scared

While most people are 
preparing to dress up as ghosts and ghouls to celebrate 
Halloween, one brave duo are on the hunt for the most haunted houses in Bedford.

Carys Dayne, who is a radio and television presenter, and photographer Paul Calies, have joined forced to produce a pilot for a show they will hope will be made into a series called Scared Witless.

They have now filmed the trailer for the pilot show, and are looking for people who have been plagued by paranormal activity in their homes, to come forward to take part in the show.

Carys, who lives in Bedford, said: “I’ve always been 
fascinated by the paranormal and I think it’s something 
people are really interested in.

“Most Haunted was really popular, but I think they started to use trickery towards the end. We want to do something completely unique and that hasn’t been done before.

“We are asking people to 
invite us into their homes and their lives. We are on a very low budget, so everything we film will be 100 per cent true, we won’t be making anything up or using any trickery.”

Carys and Paul will be working with experienced medium Paul The Seer, who has previously carried out exorcisms. And the ghostbusting trio promise to either get rid of the ghost or “come to an agreement where the living and the dead can coexist”.

Carys and Paul plan to film an hour-long pilot episode which they will then use to pitch to television producers.

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