VIDEO: Is this another UFO captured on film?

Footage shot by eagle-eyed resident after sighting in Clapham

Paranormal activity is suspected above the streets of Bedfordshire, after a UFO was caught on film in Clapham.

The group has been analysing footage which was captured by an eagle-eyed resident at 9.45pm on Saturday, June 7.

It shows seven red lights moving in formation for around two-and-a-half minutes.

And the group, which covers Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, have stated a very similar incident was reported by three police officers who were travelling in a force helicopter in South Wales the same evening. spokesman, Sharon Chesterman, said: "Put together with the witness statement, we believe there was definitely something going on.

"The interesting thing is that there have been a number of similar sightings in America recently. Those also show seven red lights moving in a circle and then one drops down to create a triangle.

"A UFO is just that – an unidentified flying object. We are not claiming that there are necessarily little green men flying something on film.

"But we want to keep a full track of what sightings there are. Anyone who makes a sighting can let us know about it by filling in a form at so that we can keep a track of what is happening in the area."

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