Two women fined for leaving rubbish and littering in Bedford

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Two Bedford women have been fined a total of nearly £300 at Luton Magistrates’ Court for leaving rubbish and littering.

Barbara Brown, 49, of Fieldside, Bedford paid for waste to be taken away from her property in February last year.

However, the rubbish was then illegally deposited at Epping Walk, Bedford.

Mrs Brown pleaded guilty to the charge of Duty of Care (contrary to section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990). She was fined £225, ordered to pay £212 costs and a £22 victim surcharge.

In a separate case, Kayleigh Rachel Reed, 22, of Guinness Place, Bedford pleaded guilty to littering in Riverside Square Car Park in September 2013. Miss Reed was witnessed throwing a cigarette end to the ground by an authorised officer.

This was a second offence for Miss Reed who had previously been issued a fixed penalty notice for littering a cigarette end in July 2013.

Taking into account her guilty plea and appearance at court, the magistrates fined Miss Reed £70, ordered her to pay costs of £100 along with a victim surcharge of £20.

Mayor of Bedford, Dave Hodgson, said: “These decisions taken by magistrates support the action taken by Bedford Borough Council in enforcing the law to keep our borough tidy.

“Littering and fly tipping can blight our local environment and we will continue to take action to prosecute those who think it is acceptable to littering or not make sure their rubbish is properly disposed of.”

Both cases were heard at Luton Magistrates on Monday, March 24.