Two homes? You are not alone here

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Nearly 5,000 people in Bedford Borough own a second home in the town according to census figures.

The research also shows that as well as two in every 1,000 residents owning dual properties, 4,261 own another home somewhere else in the UK.

Holiday homes abroad are also on the menu for 2,126 Bedford folk.

And Jayne Beard, who runs a Bedford agent and letting agency claimed that locals are using their initiate to make a sound investment.

She said: “Bricks and mortar are the best investment that you can have and Bedford is such a good investment area.

“It is an educational area and people want to come here and use the facilities that we have to offer.

“If you buy a property for investment it doesn’t matter if the house prices go down, because the rents never go down.”

The census, which was conducted in 2011, found that across England and Wales 1.6million people have a second home in this country that they use for one month or more of the year. It also found that 820,814 people have a second home abroad.

The area covered by Central Bedfordshire Council showed the highest number of second homes when compared to Bedford, Luton, Peterborough, Cambridge and Milton Keynes.

In Central Bedfordshire 7,391 people, five out of every 1,000 residents have a second home in the area in which they live, 4,669 own a property somewhere else in the UK and 2,817 have a home abroad.

Do you have a second home? What was your reason for buying another property?

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