Twenty new volunteers to help crew and run the John Bunyan Boat

Bunyan Boat Bedford new volunteers.
Bunyan Boat Bedford new volunteers.

A recent appeal for volunteers by B&MK Waterway has led to 20 new volunteer crew being recruited.

They have all attended their first free training session aboard the John Bunyan Community Boat.

Graham Mabbutt, joint chairman of the B&MK Waterway Trust which owns the John Bunyan Boat said: “We are delighted with the number of new volunteers coming forward.

“The John Bunyan Community Boat has been a tremendous success in its first year of operation – people love being on the river in Bedford and hearing more about the Waterway project.

“Our cruises are filling up rapidly and we could run many more cruises to meet the public demand if we had even more volunteers.

“As well as crew on the boat, we also need volunteers ashore, helping to promote the boat, schedule our cruises and keep the John Bunyan in great condition. In particular we are looking for volunteers with the skills to help with our website, leaflet and poster design, marketing events and phone booking line, crew scheduling and book-keeping, maintenance and cleaning. There’s a lot goes on behind the scenes to enable us to cruise the Ouse so calmly”

The B&MK Trust would like to hear from anyone who is interested in joining “Team JB.”

Free training is given for all roles and the opportunity of cruising on the Great Ouse is part of any role.

Enquiries by email to: