Turbine objectors pack village hall

Mike Hudson addresses the meeting.
Mike Hudson addresses the meeting.

Villagers who remain vehemently opposed to plans to erect a wind turbine in Ravensden packed a public meeting to discuss the proposal.

The meeting, called by Ravensden Parish Council, was led by council chairman Helena Walker.

She said: “If the government’s new Community Engagement Policy, requiring locals to support turbines for them to go ahead, is to mean anything at all, this one should now be rejected as Ravensden has made its opposition clear and the view expressed by villagers was unanimous.”

Of the 100 people attending the meeting on Friday, only two people spoke in favour of the 78m turbine, which would be sited on Sunderland Hill, neither of whom live in the village.

Objection campaign organiser Mike Hudson added: “It was claimed (in a letter to The Times and Citizen published last week) the silent majority actually support the project.

“But this meeting, and those who have objected to the council, show that claim is false and the numbers don’t stack up. The total number of objectors who have written is more than 200 out of 292 households.”

The turbine application was submitted to Beford Borough Council by Offgrid Power Wind Ltd, based in Northampton, in January last year.

The council has so far recieved 175 public comments on the proposal, and 60 from relevant organisations. Further comments should be submitted to the council by May 28.

The proposal is expected to go before the planning committee at its meeting on June 23.