Travellers set up home on gardens

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Travellers have moved onto a green in a residential area of Bedford.

About six caravans with cars and vans have set up camp on the grassy Cranbourne Gardens, opposite Asgard Drive and Thor Drive, off Norse Road.

Human waste has been seen in nearby bushes and a long line of washing has been hung between trees next to the vehicles.

Councillor Carole Ellis said: “We have been speaking to council officers about the measures they are taking to secure an eviction notice.

“Last year new bollards were installed at Asgard Drive, despite this, the group managed to find a way to get onto the green. It’s a shame there will now be further expense in obtaining the court order and removing waste from the site. It is a ludicrous situation.”

Cllr Stephen Moon added: “The length of time they are staying before eviction is a disgrace but the formalities take too long.

“Once they leave the site the council must install more bollards to prevent this happening again. It remains to be seen how much of a mess they leave but the presence of toilet waste in the bushes is not very encouraging.”

A spokesman for Bedford Borough Council said: “We are aware of an unauthorised encampment at Thor Drive. Encampments like these are unacceptable.

“The council has no powers of immediate eviction but is taking all necessary legal steps to remove it as a matter of urgency.”