Labour activists campaign at rail station over hike in fares

Campaigners outside Bedford rail station.
Campaigners outside Bedford rail station.

Bedford and Kempston Labour activists were campaigning against an inflation-busting hike in rail fares on Monday morning outside Bedford station.

Commuters are experiencing a 3.07 per cent rise in the price of a season ticket from Bedford to London.

A party spokesman said: “Season ticket prices have gone up three times faster than wages in recent years and consumers can no longer bear the costs.

“An average season ticket from Bedford to London now costs the commuter a staggering £4,300 with some paying more than £5,000.”

There was a majority consensus amongst commuters who felt betrayed by the government’s decision to continue to allow such huge increases.

Labour activist Kamran Hussain said: “David Cameron’s cost-of-living crisis continues. It’s not fair on the hard-working people who have to use the rail to travel to work. Commuters now have to pay hundreds of pounds which they simply do not have.”

University students who have to travel to London are contemplating whether they can continue to afford the journey.

University of West London student Nabeel Ali, who lives in Bedford, said: “I’m not sure whether I can afford the train to London any more. This couldn’t have happened at a worse time with my exams coming up.

“I need to focus on my education and I shouldn’t have to be worrying about whether I can afford the fare.”

Kamran added: “The government must act to help the hard-working people of Bedford and all across Britain.”

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