Traders bid to fight bank closure

MBTC-15-01-13- Barlcays Bank Ampthill.
MBTC-15-01-13- Barlcays Bank Ampthill.

Traders in Ampthill have joined together in a bid to breathe fresh life into the town’s Chamber of Trade.

Luan Hall, who runs Faries N Frogs in the town, has taken on the role of chairman and the re-formed chamber will be creating its committee at a meeting later this month.

And their first canmpaign is to fight the closure of Barclays Bank.

Last month we revealed Barclays had announced it would be closing its branch in Ampthill and people will need to travel to either Flitwick or Bedford to do their banking.

But the move has been met with strong opposition from local traders, the town council and residents.

The newly re-formed Chamber Of Trade And Commerce has now set up a petition to fight the closure of Barclays Bank.

New chairman Luan Hall said: “A lot of people feel that Barclays reduced its services at that branch so that they had no alterntaive to close it.

“They reduced the opening hours, you couldn’t get an appointment with anyone there, it feels that that this was their end game all along.

“A lot of businesses in the town used to pop out to Barclays to do their banking and they only had to shut for 15 minutes. But now if they have to go to Flitwick it takes an hour out.

“There is no parking in Flitwick, so you have to park at Tesco and it’s quite a walk. You don’t want to be doing that if you have cheques to cash.”

The group have now set up a petition and is also planning on creating its own free business directory.

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